It’s time!

After struggling with an eating disorder for 7 years, I’m finally in my 4th month of recovery! I’ve been pretty quiet about my story up until now. People know I’ve been battling an ED, but I decided it’s finally time to speak out and share more. I made this blog to not only show people that might be struggling they aren’t alone, but also to open the door into what life is like with an ED. One of the scariest things about getting treatment is feeling like you won’t be understood, or people will think you’re crazy. For people that don’t have any problems with food, it’s hard to understand. “Why don’t you just eat??” “Why would anyone want to do that to themselves?” “You’re a nice girl. You don’t need to have an eating disorder.” (All of which are things I’ve heard.) I’m hoping that sharing my story will help people to understand that it is about so much more than food. That’s just the part that is visible to the outside world. I will forewarn you though….I am by no means a writer! So just bear with me! I do encourage you to share it with others and leave any comments or questions you might have! 🙂

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