6 Months!!

It’s been awhile since I last posted. I’ve been so busy!

A couple weeks ago I got a second job at Target. When I applied I said I wanted 15-20 hrs, but right now they are a little short staffed, so I’ve been working more like 25-30. Which is fine! I’ve just been a bit busy! 🙂

Today marks 6 months in recovery!! I was thinking the other day about where I am at right now and everything I’m doing. There is no way, even 6 months ago, that I would’ve been able to hold two jobs, go to school full time, work out almost every day (healthily!!), have time to watch some of my favorite tv shows, and still function. Of course some days I’m tired – some days more tired than others – but for the most part I’m fine!

I made a list of my milestones up to this point:
• Admitted into ERC
• Stopped using behaviors
• Learned to acknowledge and accept whatever feelings and emotions I have
• Found my voice
• Became much more relaxed in social situations
• Ate chicken
• Ate turkey
• Cooked my own meals
• Discharged from ERC
• Threw out any old clothes I had that didn’t fit
• Redid my room – a fresh start!
• Followed my meal plan on my own
• Shopped without (many) second thoughts
• Graduated from IOP
• Ate steak
• Started class at JCCC
• Started exercising again
• Got another job at Target
• Stopped thinking too much about food or my body
• Handling stress of 2 jobs, school and everything else without turning to food or any other unhealthy coping mechanisms
• I make decisions on my own
• Much better body image – almost ready for swimsuit season! Kind of….
• Enrolling at K-State!!!! 🙂

These are my biggest accomplishments over the last six months. I think I hit all the important things 😛 I keep trekking on and get stronger and stronger each day. I’ve come a long way both physically, mentally and emotionally, but I’m not done yet! Watch out world! Here I come! 🙂

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