Exciting Things!

Hello y’all! I’m writing this from the car place, while I get my brakes fixed, which is also why it’s being posted so early in the morning. Well early to be forming coherent thoughts….for me anyway…. Gotta love cars! It’s been a couple weeks since I posted. Actually, I think it’s been almost every two weeks, so I think I’ll just stick with that.

Really quickly – last time I posted I talked about how I had Zumba the next morning. It was the greatest thing ever! Not necessarily because it was a lot of fun – it was fun, but I didn’t totally love it. Because of the time of the class, it was me and a bunch of older ladies. Nothing like booty popping with grandmas!! Some of them were really working it to, and were better than me, which made it that much more fantastic! 🙂

The semester is almost done, and I couldn’t be more excited! It’s gotten to the point that I’m wishfully thinking every day is Friday, but two more weeks and then finals!!!! It’ll be the first summer since elementary school that I won’t have classes/summer work, and I can’t wait!! I’ve been working on my summer bucket list, and I’m quickly realizing 1) I need more money and 2) there might not be enough time. But hey, one can sure try!

In other exciting news, I’m doing a mud run/obstacle course this summer!! I’m so insanely excited!! My sister and I are doing it together, which means this summer we are going to be getting in kickass shape. We were looking at the videos of some of the obstacles, and we realized we have a long ways to go. It’s not like either one of us just sit around on the couch all day, but between being dancers (her currently and me in the past) and the way our bodies are made/genetics, most of our strength is in our legs. Our upper bodies need some help, and that’s mostly what we will need for the run. Aside from actually running the 5k (we’ll be working on runs, too, which she is just super excited about!), it’s a lot of monkey bar type things, and pulling yourself over walls. But it’s 3 months from tomorrow, so we’ve got plenty of time! At least that’s what I keep telling myself haha anyway, it should be fun! There are a couple of other normal 5ks that I’m going to hopefully do this summer, too! I know to some of y’all a 5k is basically nothing, but I’ve never been a runner, so that’s basically a marathon as far as I’m concerned 😉 Ok maybe not quite that much, but I’ve had to take it a bit slower. From all those years of dance, my knees don’t really like it. But they’re getting stronger, so it’s getting much easier! They don’t pop when I take a step nearly as often! (and, yes, I’m fully aware that’s probably not normal for someone who’s only 20, but if you think that’s bad, you should hear my hips!)

The last couple of weeks, I’ve been randomly reconnecting with friends from high school. Whether it be me texting first or them, it’s been nice! It’s always fun to see what people are up to after we left the walls of South. It’s been like a mini high school reunion! Or something like that 😛 It’s also crazy how much people have changed over the last couple years. Sometimes I think it’s hard to believe, but then I think back to myself and how different I am. For all the people that say people don’t change – I’m calling crap!

That’s really been the gist of my last couple weeks! Nothing really has happened worth talking about. I’m not complaining! While I didn’t win the lottery or anything life changing like that, it also means nothing awful happened with my recovery or otherwise. Just a normal couple of weeks, and that’s just fine with me! 🙂

One thought on “Exciting Things!

  1. Ok, you’re starting to sound like a normal college kid! haha!

    I tried the running thing when I was in my late 20’s and totally didn’t
    have the correct footwear, so get some good running shoes, and they can be
    expensive. Also, if you start having knee issues, stop. That’s what
    I had to do, my knees got so bad I could barely walk. Bad knees run in
    my side of the family, ask your dad. 🙂 That’s why I switched back to
    power walking. Lots less stress on the knees. 🙂

    So who from high school have you hooked up with? Hopefully you can
    reconnect and do some fun things this summer. Assuming you’re still
    house sitting for us, having a guest or 2 is allowed, of course. 🙂

    I noticed you didn’t mention how your breaking down of walls is going?
    Still working on that, I hope!

    Love you! And are you coming the weekend of the sister reunion so you
    can at least join in some meals? Trying to still come up with
    activities that will be fun but not too strenuous! Pray for nice
    weather as those are the majority of our options. 🙂

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    Storage Pricer
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