Summer 2k15

Let freedom ring! It’s finally summer!! I’d like to think finals went well, but we’ll just have to wait and see when the grades come out…. It’s stressful! But, what’s done is done! In an effort to not think about the awful tests I’ve taken this week, I’m blaring the Footloose soundtrack while writing this! Don’t ask why that’s what I chose to play….it’s very uncharacteristic of me, I know!

Last time I said I’d fill y’all in on what exciting things are going on now that it’s SUMMER!!! So here it goes….

  • I got an internship with a wedding planner in KC! I’m so crazy excited! We’ll see if after this I’m still as excited to be a wedding planner 😛 I think it’ll be a good fit! Besides, if nothing else I’ll get to spend my weekends at weddings, and that just makes me happy! I’ll get to help with the behind the scenes things as well as the planning and meeting with clients. It should be fun! I’m even more excited because the planner I’ll be working with is a K-State grad, so we’ll have lots to talk about!
  • I know I’ve talked about the Mud Run, too. I went home this last weekend, so while I was there my mom and I worked out together. We realized we have some work ahead of us….to say the least….but we still have over 2 months, so I’m not too worried about it! Besides I’m not expecting first place – I just want to finish it without totally dying. And I really am in better shape than I think.
  • Royals games!! Lots and lots of Royals games! My dad and I were trying to figure out which games we would be able to go to! Nothing better than a night at the K. I’d prefer not afternoons once it hits July and August, but I’m also not going to turn down the opportunity!
  • I’ve been working on making a Summer 2k15 bucket list! What’s on said list you ask? Why I’ll tell you!
    • Country Stampede!
    • Camping
    • Road trip
    • World’s of Fun
    • County Fair
    • Shatto Dairy Farm (I want to milk a cow!!)
    • Horseback riding
    • Run a 5k
    • Mud Run
    • Read 5 books (not sure why I picked 5….it seemed doable I suppose…. :P)

That seem like kind of lot, especially with 2 jobs, but it’s not like my life depends on whether or not I get them all done!

A few weeks ago I was looking through some of the old documents on my computer to see what I could get rid of. They sure do pile up really quickly! Anyway! I came across the bucket list I made while I was in treatment. I was looking through it to see if I’d done anything I could cross off, and there were! There were also a bunch of things that I had no desire to do anymore. I’ve mentioned before how much I’ve changed over the last year or so. And anyone that’s been around me can vouch for that! However, I don’t know if it’s so much changing as figuring out who I really am. Where you grow up and the people you are around have a big impact on who you are as a person and what you value. They can either help shape you, or literally shape you. I was good at just kind of following what everyone else thought and did. Part of it, of course, is age. You’re a lot more impressionable when you’re younger. When I went to treatment, we did a lot of figuring out who we were and what we wanted. Now that I was away from the other influences in my life, I was able to figure out what it was that I really wanted and believed in. As I’ve gotten further along in my recovery and more confident in myself, I’ve been able to really play out those values and dreams. I don’t care anymore that they might be different than my family, friends or even from where I’m from. With that in mind, I’ve gone back through and made a new, revised bucket list! I sat there for awhile because it just seems like a bucket list is something you shouldn’t change. But it’s not like it’s written in stone! I can change it if I want to!

The first thing that caught my attention was “spend time living in NYC” to which my response was “hell no!” Now, I don’t have anything against New York. I think it’s probably a great place to live – for the right person. The fact is I’m a Midwestern girl. While I might not want to live in Kansas forever, but I’ll always be a Kansas girl. NYC is definitely not Kansas! Then it got me looking and laughing at the other things. “Shop on Rodeo Drive, study abroad, spend New Year’s Eve in Times Square, meet Zac Efron (although, let’s be honest – I’m not about to turn down that opportunity should it, by some miracle, present itself!)” Just like living in NYC – I think those things are great for some people. Just not me. I’d much rather ride a mechanical bull (I’d love to ride a real one, but I’m not sure I’m game for that….), climb a water tower or swim with dolphins. That all sounds like much more fun 🙂

So – with all that being said, here’s to summer!! 🙂

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