Week 4: A Family Member

If you asked me to write this 5 years ago, I wouldn’t have picked my sister for this one. I would have told you she was a bratty little pain in the ass that knew how to work the system to get her way. Not that she was the family member I’m most thankful for. While, some of that may still be accurate, she has definitely grown up a lot the last few years! The older she gets the more I can tolerate being around her 😉 5 years is a fairly big age difference. And I’ve always been really old for my age, so that makes it even worse. We weren’t ever really all that close, especially since we’re so different – not until the last couple years. I mean, it helps that she no longer bites and hits me on a whim or steals my Polly Pockets! (Just to clarify….I don’t still have Polly Pockets….) Instead she sleeps in my room when I’m gone and leaves it a mess. (Don’t think I don’t know!!)

Now, Dani and I are still so insanely different. Any of y’all that know us both, know that to be accurate. She gets excited when she gets a new purse or shoes, and I’m a ball cap and jeans (if it’s a good day) kind of girl. She dreams of living in the big city, and I get excited when I can smell cow shit. She is choreographing hip hop for Extravaganza, and I always took my rightful position in the back row. She’s the social butterfly, and I’m the stay in and read a book, wrapped up in a blanket girl. She’s dreading baseball season, and I have a countdown going. The list could go on and on….

All that being said, we have fun together. Whether it be our long drives talking about life or Sonic runs for ice cream and tater tots, I don’t hate her as much as I may let on 😛 In fact, sometimes she’s the voice of reason I need in my life! In the end, we aren’t that different. And apparently we look more similar than we thought! We were at one of the K-State games, and I pulled out my KSU ID. She could totally pass as me! Not spitting image or anything, but she could get by as college freshman Megan.

I don’t really have other news, so this might be my shortest post ever! I know I’m a bit behind on these, especially since I still haven’t finished the Week 2, but I really am working on it! It’s just taking me awhile! Until next time….

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