Week 6: The City You Live In

This one is going to be super easy! Manhattan has become home to me. It’s where I’ve grown the most and become the person that I am. It’s where my friends are. And it’s where I feel the most at ease. I look forward to my time here and am always excited to come back!

When I’m back in KC, I get kind of stressed out. Between the traffic and people and so many buildings, it’s become so overwhelming to me! The funny thing is that I’ve only been gone from there for a year and a half? But still. I’ve changed a lot in that time.

I love Manhattan. I love the sense of community and pride in the college. I love the relationship between K-State/Manhattan and Ft. Riley. I love the people (well most of them anyway!) I love going out to Konza to walk through the Prairie. I love being able to take off and just drive and be the only one on the road. I love the memories I have from here. I love the friends I’ve made because for the first time, possibly ever, I’m really, truly myself and, for better or worse, they seem to accept that!

I also love how much I’ve grown as a person. Being on my own has made me grow up even more. I’ve been put in more situations where I have to use my voice, and, while it still scares the living hell out of me, I’ve gotten better at it. While, a lot of that is because I’m more confident in myself, a huge part of it is the people I’ve surrounded myself with. I only let people have a place in my life if they bring me up. Not tear me down. I’ve learned that I don’t have to be friends with everyone, and that a few pretty great people is really the way to go anyway.

Overall, for so many reasons, I’m grateful for Manhattan and am glad I still have 2 more years left here!

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