Week 7: A Friend

I thought long and hard about this one, too. I have so many people I could write about. BUT! I’ve finally decided.

About 9 years ago, we walked into 7th grade band, and I sat down next to this girl that I didn’t know. Let me just say that I had all of my friends on the other side of me, so it wasn’t like I was the brave girl that walked up to someone and said, “Hi, I’m Megan, and we’re gonna be friends.” In fact, I was kind of pissed that I was the one stuck on the end of the group. However, that turned out to be a pretty f*cking awesome thing! Turns out that quiet girl I was sitting by would turn out to be one of my best friends!

From that day on we slowly became friends. Since we both played clarinet, we sat together every day in band and had a few other classes together as well. It wasn’t until later in high school that we became super close. I think actually it was Mr. Gatewood’s Enrichment extra credit that did it. We got extra credit to go out and do new things in and around KC. We had our share of adventures, that as I sit here writing this, I just laugh about.

I’m looking around my room at the pictures on my wall and realize that more than half are of things I did with Kristi – the Royals World Series parade, Brantley Gilbert Concert, Country Stampede, the Plaza lighting. Basically she’s my partner in crime, whether she likes it or not.

Since we’ve gone to different schools and live over an hour away from each other, we don’t keep in touch as much as I’d like. It’s just so hard! But whenever I’m back in KC we try to meet up anyway. Just because we don’t see each other much or talk a lot, doesn’t mean we aren’t still the bestest of friends!! It just means the little time we have together is that much better! J

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