Week 8: Express Gratitude for 3 People

For this one I decided I’m not going to put it on here. I’m just going to tell the three people I’ve chosen and that’ll be that! So instead I decided to do a quick little update on life!

Instead I’ll give a little update on life:

Like I said, the last month or so has been absolutely nuts! My sleep schedule is all kinds of screwed up and I’ve gotten a little behind in classes. I’ve gotten sucked into some fun drama with friends and consequently need to get focused back on school to keep my scholarship come next year. However – even though I’ve been so stressed out I’ve had many nights of just lying on the floor with my roommate wondering why the hell we’re doing this to ourselves, or being so tired I pass out literally mid-conversation (or mid-meal….glad I was home alone for that one hahaha), I’ve never been happier! I’ve realized that I have some of the most amazing friends right now. I don’t question whether or not they’re there for me and don’t feel bad texting them to rant about something because I know they don’t care. People don’t seem to understand that making friends or wanting to out into the world isn’t easy for me. Lots of people stress me out, and I’d usually rather stay in and watch Netflix. But I’ve gone out more than I ever have before, so even though life is kicking my ass, I’m also kicking its ass! I’ve also become quite the feisty little thing. I’m done taking people’s BS, and I will call you out on it! People don’t know how to handle me anymore, and it’s actually pretty fantastic! 😛

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