Week 9: How Did You Feel and Do?

I’m not going to lie…I’m not exactly sure what this one means….soooo….I’m changing this to why I’m thankful for Spring Break.

Not quite as deep and meaningful as some of the other posts, but that’s fine by me. I’m so glad Spring Break came when it did because I was dying! I was soooo behind on sleep – yesterday I slept for 13 hours and then for another 4 hours throughout the day and had no problem getting to sleep last night. Plus there’s the fact that I need some more fun in my life!!

My roommate and I have talked about how we’re getting bored and antsy and want to go somewhere or do something different. We’ve discussed road trips, dying our hair, piercings and tattoos, just to name a few. Turns out we’re going with dying our hair, and she just pierced her nose. Looks like another tattoo is next! Haha (Don’t worry, Mom, I haven’t decided for sure quite yet, so I’ll wait a little longer!)

Tomorrow we’re road tripping to Cawker City to see the World’s Largest Ball of Twine and then going to get our nails done! Girls Day!!! That’s what’s up!! Then on Tuesday, I’m going to pick up my sister, and she’s going to hang out here for the week! We’re going to have a fire pit, go shopping, hiking, and get our hair done. In other words, a much needed break from life before Semester From Hell Pt. 2 picks up.

So that’s why I’m thankful for Spring Break. Because of the “break” part of that phrase.

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