Weeks 12-19

Because I’m so insanely behind on these, I’m just combining them all into one. I started doing them all separately, but these are all so short! It just made sense.

Week 12 – Favorite personality trait

My favorite personality trait is how I listen and connect with people. Being someone who spends more time listening than talking, you get to know people a lot better than they think. I’m really intuitive, and I enjoy getting to know people and what makes them tick. I guess my career choice makes sense then!

Week 13 – A challenge you’ve overcome

This one is a no brainer and what this whole blog started as. My recovery is hands down the biggest thing I’ve accomplished and what I’m most proud of. I met with my psychiatrist earlier today (more on that later), and he commented on how incredible it is how much of a handle I seem to have on everything. Its comments like that that give me that encouragement that even on the crappy days, I’m pretty amazing 😉

Week 14 – A talent you have

I’ve recently found I have a talent for recreating Pinterest cupcakes! Pinterest crafts have always been a stress reliever for me, but I don’t have a lot of my craft supplies here. Consequently I’ve settled for cupcakes. I’ve made some pretty cute ones! However, that means I’ve also eaten my fair share of cupcakes….buuuuuut that’s ok! 🙂

Week 15 – Things you like about spring

What isn’t there to like about spring? The weather is gorgeous, the rain smells amazing, sleeping during a thunderstorm is the best, everything becomes green again, the birds are chirping, you can drive with the windows down, I no longer have to bundle up from head to toe, and the list goes on!

Week 16 – Simple things in life

The simple things in life are the best. The sun on your face when you walk outside. When you’re filling up the gas tank and it lands perfectly on the full dollar. Driving down a country road with the windows down and music up. When I go down to the kitchen and realize I haven’t actually eaten my last banana. Reaching into your winter coat at the start of the season and finding money in the pocket. The little things are really what life is worth living for.

Week 17 – Something you take for granted

I think everyone can say this, but I think I oftentimes take my life for granted. I’m so fortunate to have everything I have in my life and I forget that sometimes. I’ve been trying really hard to keep my head up and remember everything I have going for me.

Week 18 – The weather

Like I said before, the weather has been incredible! It’s been 60-75ish degrees, and it just makes me so happy! We’ve had some pretty awful storms – the tornado sirens went off a few times last week, which was exciting. There was some decent sized hail and a crap ton of rain, but we definitely needed it! Now everything looks greener and pretty!

Week 19 – Health

My health is one of the things I’m most grateful for. Could I be healthier? Probably – I could probably handle working out more and eating a few more salads, but overall, I’m a pretty healthy 21 year old girl, and I intend to keep it that way!

Life update:

Everything is fine with my recovery, as far as the eating disorder goes. I’m not going to lie it got rocky for about a week or so last month, but I pulled it out without any major slip ups. In all my other posts I’ve talked about how I’ve been kicking life’s ass. Well that took a turn and it kicked mine. Hard. In a nutshell this semester has given me numerous meltdowns, fights with friends, a weird health thing, losing my scholarship, not being eligible to take out loans, a cracked phone screen and a half working keyboard. Everything has just felt so out of control. For me to let people see me cry or to admit I can’t handle something says a lot. Let’s just say that’s happened on more than one occasion. I’ve stopped sleeping, my mind is always racing, I never have any energy, I can’t sit still and the list goes on. I’ve done everything I know how to do to help keep my anxiety levels in check but nothing seemed to be working. So I made an appointment with a psychiatrist, and he put me on meds. Hopefully it helps because at this point it’s slowly killing me!

But everything’s a learning experience and here’s what I’ve learned from this semester….

  1. My major is going to take a little more focus on schoolwork than hospitality did.
  2. I’m a hell of a lot stronger than I think I am.
  3. I have friends in my life right now that are 100% there no matter what. I’ve been kind of a high strung bitch lately, but they’ve continued to put up with me, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that.
  4. I don’t have to have it all figured out. In fact, it’s ok to just go with the flow.

We’ll see how things go from here. Finals are next week, and then it’s summer!! Yahoooo!!!

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